We specialise in the development of high-performance woven narrow fabrics and technical ribbons, achieving properties including high strength, light weight, flame resistance, high stability, creep resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Our components are used in a range of applications including Fall Arrest equipment, Fire Safety equipment, Breathing Apparatus and Emergency Escape equipment.

Through our knowledge of product manufacturing and our ability to get the best from speciality fibres such as Kevlar®, Nomex®, Vectran®, Technora® and Carbon Fibre, we are solving the technical challenges faced by our customers.
If you have a project requiring a specialist fabric construction please contact us.
Our narrow fabrics are used in many safety applications around the world including fall arrest, fire safety breathing apparatus and emergency escape equipment.
Aramid webbing has low flammability, high strength and high modulus. Most aramid yarns are affected by UV light which alters the natural colour and degrades fibre strength upon prolonged exposure however, a blend of fibres or a covering such as Polyester, can reduce this UV impact.
Aramid fibres can be split into two differing fibre groups of Para Aramid & Meta Aramids;










Kevlar webbing has endless opportunities with applications in body armour, industrial safety, aerospace and automotive components. Invented over 50 years ago by Stephanie Kwolek of DuPont, as a fibre it is stronger than steel, light weight and has many benefits in high temperature environments. We have a range of Kevlar webbings available from stock in both 100% Kevlar or as a blend of other fibres to created Kevlar webbing with differing capabilities.

Nomex webbing can offer many benefits to safety related garments due to the way the fibres react and change their properties offering protection against heat transfer. The benefits of Nomex webbings are that the fire retardant properties cannot be laundered or worn away. Nomex webbing will not melt, drip or assist combustion.