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3d Preforms

3D preforms from M Wright & Sons Ltd incorporate high performance reinforcing fibres with complex multi-layer 3 dimensional fibre architecture, in which the X-Y layers of the preform are pinned together with through-thickness Z fibres. When infused with resin the inter-ply reinforcement acts to increase the through thickness properties of the component. This gives enhanced damage tolerance properties whilst retaining class leading in plane properties. The feature characteristics of 3D preforms include: –

  • Complex 3 dimensional shapes
  • Mould-ready, near net shape
  • X,Y,& Z axis fibre architecture
  • Crimp free warp direction reinforcement
  • High in-plane tensile properties
  • Excellent through thickness damage tolerance
  • Width and thickness scalable due to precision unit cell repeat
  • Close correlation between Finite Element Analysis model & measured properties
  • Good machinability


Our custom built looms, based on the principles of narrow fabric weaving operate in conjunction with state of the art jacquards, which together form an integrated computer controlled work cell. Bespoke custom software synchronise the loom and jacquard and control precise fibre placement.

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