Our reputation is long-established as manufacturers of wide surgical elastic fabrics and other components for orthotic devices. We have an extensive range of elastic and rigid products that offer high performance with durability and comfort during use. Our products are used in back supports, wrist supports and knee and ankle devices.

We also have the capability to colour-match specific shades, so that products can be incorporated within colour-schemed equipment or to aid identification. We have access to a wide range of fibres and fabric types, so that specific product requirements can be achieved such as wearer comfort, abrasion resistance, moisture absorbency or repellancy and anti-microbial properties.

With No-lift policies being enforced throughout the health industry the requirements for patient hoists are ever growing. At M Wright & Sons we realise the importance of such products and therefore our range of sling webbings are manufactured to exacting specifications and we are proud of the level of quality we deliver.

Our polyester patient hoist webbing range includes all the webbing requirements for sling assembly, we offer a wide range of stock colours with small minimum order quantities.

We also manufacture a variety of edge bindings in both polyester or polyamide in a selection of widths from 19mm to 38mm or wider if required.

Through our own dying facilities we also have the capability to colour-match specific shades on either polyester or nylon webbing, so that products can be incorporated within colour-schemed equipment or to aid identification.

With access to a diverse range of performance fibres we can also manufacture low profile high tensile strength webbings for retractable ceiling hoists, from a blend of Vectran(r)/polyester webbing or Dyneema (r)/polyester webbing.


We also offer an extensive range of products which are incorporated within many end uses including patient hoists and restraints, mobility equipment, paramedic equipment and harnesses for medical monitors. If you have a project requiring a specialist fabric construction, please contact us.



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