We offer high quality, high performance, innovative products for use within different parts of the marine industry. Specialising in the manufacture of durable, tightly specified components that offer our customers excellent performance at an affordable price.

We have a unique range of products for the sailmaking industry. We have developed a one-piece woven Luff Tape in a range of dimensions. The bolt rope diameter ranges from 4 mm. to 10mm; there is also the option of a secondary cord for use with headfoil track systems. The product also uses a monofil system around the bead to greatly reduce friction and increase durability. The principle benefit is the elimination of stitched sailcloth or secondary tape, so there much less friction and wear on the luff tape in use and the diameter is more regular along the length of the luff of the sail.

We are excited to launch our new range of HMPE blended with Polypropylene webbings.

Designed with the marine markets in mind we have created a very low stretch, high load webbing with excellent resistance to UV & flex degradation.


The HMPE Webbings offers great benefits in comparison to standard polyester webbings

Water resistant: Inherently hydrophobic and therefore does not absorb water, meaning it floats and remains light when working in wet conditions.

Superior strength to weight ratio.

Reduced weight: Four times lighter than polyester.
Reduced thickness; Reduction of up to 1/3 of polyester.

Chemically inert: Performs well in dry, wet, salty conditions.
UV Resistant: Maintains its performance when exposed to UV light.


Tensile Strength

19mm - 7,000N
25mm - 9,000N
50mm - 21,500N

Other widths and colours available upon request

Our products are also used in jackstays, harness assemblies, marine covers and mooring systems. If you have a project requiring a woven fabric construction please contact us.