The Advanced Composites Division of M Wright & Sons Ltd

We design, manufacture and supply a variety of woven narrow fabric and “dry” 3D woven composite preforms using advanced high performance fibres for incorporation into laid-up and infused assemblies and finished structural composite parts. 

Advanced high performance fibres processed include:-


Carbon | Kevlar/ para aramid | Glass | Basalt | Ceramic (high purity alumina)


The division builds upon the core competencies of narrow fabric weaving, i.e. the manufacture of fabrics with complex fibre architectures and the potential to co-weave dissimilar fibres in a 1-piece multi-layer structure.

In support of our composites activities M Wright & Sons Ltd have developed a range of services to compliment our weaving capability. These include a comprehensive mould and test facility and a developing FEA modelling service.

The addition of these support services to our class leading weaving has enabled a number of collaborations with a number of primes and tier 1 OEMs to industries such as aerospace and automotive.


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