Launching new webbing for Marine market

We are excited to launch our new range of HMPE blended with Polypropylene webbings.

Designed with the marine markets in mind we have created a very low stretch, high load webbing with excellent resistance to UV & flex degradation.

The HMPE Webbings offers great benefits in comparison to standard polyester webbings.

  • Water resistant: Inherently hydrophobic and therefore does not absorb water, meaning it floats and remains light when working in wet conditions.

  • Superior strength to weight ratio.

  • Reduced weight: Four times lighter than polyester.

  • Reduced thickness; Reduction of up to 1/3 of polyester.

  • Chemically inert: Performs well in dry, wet, salty conditions.

  • UV Resistant: Maintains its performance when exposed to UV light.

  • Tensile Strength

19mm - 7,000N
25mm - 9,000N
50mm - 21,500N

Other widths and colours available upon request