Taking composite preforms to the next level

Carbon composite woven preform wheel


Taking composite preforms to the next level has been something we have been working in for a number of years.


Our extensive research & developement facility along with our composite manufacturing facility is currently seeing a huge demand from many industry sectors. To appreciate our manufacturing capabilities it is necessary to understand our definitions of the structures we offer:- 
2D reinforcement tapes have 2- dimensional fibre architecture. The reinforcement fibres lie in the X and Y directions only and the fabric shape remains 2 dimensional
2½ D fabrics are similarly woven flat, have 2-dimensional fibre architecture, again with the reinforcement fibres in both X and Y directions. The fabric is then opened out into a constant section shape such as a T,I, or π.
3D structures have 3 dimensional fibre architecture with reinforcing fibres in X,Y,  and Z directions. The final shape may be a flat tape, a constant section shape or a true near-net shaped 3 dimensional pre form.
Carbon composite preform woven T