Ever growing social media statistics made us rethink our social strategy

It seems ironic that a company which prides its longevity on being innovative and forward thinking in research and development on a worldwide scale within narrow fabric webbing manufacturing should find that managing social media feels so alien. Within ever changing markets, it is hard enough for most companies, but when you take into account we aren’t your average company and most products we manufacture go to other companies who make the products, it becomes even more difficult.

So where do we start? For a long time we have deliberated whether it is something we want to be part of? Well finally we have decided YES.

Now that social media is the no.1 activity on the web and 93% of marketers are using it for business, it seems we have to be part of it. How we will use it long term still seems a grey area! But as the areas we work in are ever changing and move into more media conscious markets, it seems being able to shout about what you do and how you do it is these days is more valuable.

We now boast a profile on all of the most used social media platforms on the web, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, links to these can be found on our website.

You can be assured we won’t status update Facebook everyday or tweet every time we dispatch an order but we will try and keep up to date with where we are and when something worth shouting about happens.