The Company

As family owned company for over 160 years, this gives us a wealth of history, expertise, development and investment into narrow fabrics. M. Wright & Sons Ltd is situated in the Village of Quorn in the heart of England. The company has occupied the site since 1870, ten years after our founding in the nearby city of Leicester. Our heritage lies within the woven narrow fabrics industry, originally manufacturing components for the footwear and corsetry trades. Our original links with Military products also stem from this time.

M Wright & sons Ltd Quorn Picture taken 1999

We have always been at the forefront of technical development, for instance some of the earliest productive needle weaving looms were developed here, leading to the massive efficiency gains that have been seen through this method of production.

We have always been manufacturers of rigid and elastic webbings, so we have a broad range of experience in fabric properties and constructions that we can offer to our customers.

We ensure that we continue at the cutting edge of technical developments and actively invest in manufacturing plant and testing equipment to maintain our world class standard. Recently, we have expanded our dyeing facilities by installing new machinery capable of the high temperature processes needed for applying dyes and finishes to polyester.

M Wright & Sons Ltd Quorn Picture taken 1940

As well as our ISO 9001 certification, we are one of the very few textile companies in the world to have AS 9100 registration, the aerospace quality standard. We also hold supplier approvals with a number of other global customers.

We continue to be a family owned company with active participation and support from individual family shareholders.